Publishing Resources

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Submissions Grinder

  • As a friend of mine called it, “the amazing short story search engine”

1000 Literary Agents

  • I’ve found this website to be pretty helpful in tracking down agents by genre.

Query Shark

  • Blog that critiques queries. Was recommended to me by an author I go to church with.


  • Search for literary agents in their database
  • Organize and track your queries
  • Check out data on various agents (response time, reply rate, etc)

Predators & Editors

  • This was also recommended to me. It looks like it’s currently looking for a new person to run the site, but there’s still some good stuff on it, and hopefully they’ll find someone soon. It’s all about avoiding scams and whatnot.


  • Found this as I was submitting to a writing contest. Basically it keeps track of a bunch of different magazines and their submission deadlines and costs and everything. It’s amazing. You can sort by fiction, or sci-fi, or fantasy, and even by cost of submitting. It saves your information, keeps track of your submissions and their status. And it’s free for writers.

Calls for Submissions

  • A Facebook group that tracks submission calls. You have to request to join them, and you are not allowed to post your own work. They mean business, and they’ve got a great track record.

William Shunn’s Proper Manuscript Format

  • An article describing “proper manuscript format,” which is the format many agents and magazines require when taking submissions.